A purple caterpillar can sometimes provoke rage.

TC Mission Possible – Wroclaw, 07.01.09 – 14.01.09


Do you think it’s a crazy idea to go to the Polish countryside in the beginning of January where it is –25 degrees? 22 warriors from all over Europe got this “mission impossible”. With the help of 4 agents from UnescoCenter they have found a way to solve this mission. In 7 days under the hardest conditions they fulfilled complicated tasks and got over many different hurdles.

 This Mission (Im)Possible aimed to train the warriors in project management skills and strengthened intercultural awareness of those who start their adventure in youth work.

It was a training, in snow and Ice, so they were not able to sit back and relax. They used

active methods, based on experiential learning in combination with practical theory, to keep themselves warm and alive. This means that they have worked in workshops, with role plays and exchanged the experiences they had in their day to day work. They worked on concrete future project plans, to keep themselves awake and prevent each other from sleeping and freezing. With the help of the beautiful environment of Villa Greta, great team spirit and atmosphere underlined with lovely prepared food they were able to fulfill all the tasks and put the outcome into action.




To empower youth leaders to run local and international youth projects dealing with intercultural learning more effectively. The primary focus was on action 1.1 (Youth-Exchanges) and secondarily on action 1.2 (Youth-Initiatives) projects.




· to raise awareness about Intercultural Learning through experiential learning activities and sharing different understanding of culture;

· to train skills of: project planning, project implementation and evaluation;

· setting-up a long lasting international partnership and maintaining effective cooperation

resulting in common projects (teambuilding + motivation + common plans = future projects).


Many thanks to organisers and trainers Agent Charlie (Kasia), White-Car-Agent (Ondrej), Agent Red Fox (Sean) and the Unesco Centre-Headquarters for a great program and well organised TC.


Thanks also to Villa Greta staff Krzystof, Ewelina, Halina, Jola and Tosia for nice surroundings and taking care of us.


The contact details of the venue are the following:

Villa Greta

Dobków 59, 59-540 Świerzawa

woj. dolnośląskie/Sudety

tel. +48 509 745 591­

e-mail: ewelina@villagreta.pl



Dobków where Villa Greta is situated is a small polish village around 100 km from Wroclaw. It is a bit “in the middle of nowhere”, but it does have very special atmosphere. It gives great opportunity to enjoy the nature and ourselves of course. Please bring some warm clothing with you as we also planed some parts of the free time outside. You can also check website of the region: https://www.gorykaczawskie.pl/en.


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